Our System

We are mountain resort with local tour guide.
We offer 3-5 days experience tour in Yamagata.
  • ・Min. 2 person go
  • ・Almost private tour
  • ・Max. group size is 10 person
  • ・All inclusive land tour

"Pole Pole" is a company that offers, sports, trekking, and cultural programs, specifically designed for foreign country sightseers visiting the Yamagata.

We can customize our tours depend on your schedule and purpose. Please feel free to ask us.


Access – Gassan Pole Pole Farm
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How to get to Yamagata

Access to Yamagata

  • Yamagata Shinkansen service (Bullet train)
  • 2.5 hours from Tokyo
  • Operate with an hour intervals
  • JR EAST PASS is 19,000yen for flexible 5 day within 14 days

If you come to Yamagata from Tokyo, the Yamagata shinkansen is very convenient. There is 1 train an hour leaves Tokyo, and because it runs at roughly 300k/m (186mph) you will arrive in Yamagata in about 2½ hours. The cabin is very quiet and there is very little vibration which makes for a pleasant ride. As you ride, a cart selling food and drinks will frequently pass by, so you may want to try the famous beef lunch box (bento).

Before you get to Yamagata you must reach Tokyo station, which is the Yamagata bullet trains (shinkansen) home station. There are several ways of arriving in Japan, so let us give you a simple explanation for each situation.

If you are coming from Haneda Airport you must ride the Tokyo monorail until its last stop at Hamamatsuchou and from there you will transfer to the Yamanote line. It is 3 stops (stations) to Tokyo station, which takes only about 5 minutes from Hamamatsuchou. First of all, when you arrive in Haneda Airport you should go to the JR ticket counter and purchase a JR East Pass (5 days all you can ride) to Yamagata. Please rest assured that all airport ticket counter personal can speak English.

If you are coming from Narita Airport, the easiest and fastest way is to take the Narita Express, straight to Tokyo station and the travel time is roughly 1 hour. First of all, when you arrive at Narita Airport you should go to the JR ticket counter and purchase a JR East Pass (5 days all you can ride) Yamagata.
Then let us know your arrival time in Yamagata and we will be waiting for you at the station to continue the journey by car.

  • Yamagata has 2 domestic airports
  • Yamagata airport has 2 flights per day from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo (JAL, FDA)
  • Shonai airport has 4 flights per day from only Tokyo (ANA)
  • Ticket price is 11,000yen ~ 26,000yen per flight

There are two airports in Yamagata, the Shonai Airport which has 4 flights a day, and Yamagata Airport which has 2 flights a day, with flights arriving from Tokyo/Haneda Airport.

For international flights arriving in Haneda Airport, transferring flights to Yamagata is very convenient.

We can pick you up from either airport in Yamagata. Yamagata Airport has a morning and night arriving flight, while the Shonai Airport has 4 flights arriving throughout the day from both Haneda and Narita Airport.

If you arrive on an international flight in Haneda and then transit to either Yamagata or Shonai Airport, it will be the shortest transit time for you. Yamagata Airport has Japan Airlines (JAL: One World), Shonai Airport has All Nippon Airways (ANA: Star Alliance), so please choose which ever airline company fits your schedule. Also, it’s very convenient because there is no need to pick up your luggage for international flights into Haneda Airport.



  • Night bus
  • 6 hours from Tokyo
  • Lowest ticket is 3020yen

The night bus fare from Tokyo to Yamagata is 3040 yen at its lowest which is a very economical choice. Transit is at night, so a person can save precious daylight time too. It takes roughly 6 hours from the Shinjuku in Tokyo to Yamagata.

Furthermore, the Willer Express Bus Company offers a ticket service that is usable on any road up to 5 times for a price of 15000 yen.



Check Bus Ticket

Sendai City

Sendai city is next to Yamagata, the capital city of the Tōhoku region, and the second largest city north of Tokyo.

Sendai international airport has direct fright from Taipei, Shanghai, Guam, and Seoul.


Local Train (JR Senzan Line / 仙山線)

  • 1.2 hour from Sendai station
  • 1 train service per an hour
  • JR Pass Available

The Senzan Line (仙山線 Senzan-sen) is a railway line in Japan. It runs from Sendai Station to Yamagata Station.

Train Time Table


Highway Bus

  • 1 hour from Sendai station west exit bus terminal
  • Every 10 min available from 6:00 A.M. to 22:00 P.M.
  • Ticket price is 930yen per single trip

Express Bus Details


Sendai Airport

  • Sendai Airport Train
  • 17 min to Sendai Station
  • Easy transfer to Senzan Line or Express bus in Sendai station

Sendai Airport Access Line provides direct operation from Sendai Airport Station to JR Sendai Station and the required time between them is 25 minutes (17 minutes by rapid train).


Airport Train Details


Pick you up

If you reserve a tour with us, we will match your plans and pick you up from any one of these locations.

Yamagata station east exit taxi pool

  • Pick up service departure time : 14:00

Yamagata Airport Arrival exit

  • Pick up service departure time : Your flight arrival time

Shonai Airport Arrival exit

  • Pick up service departure time : Your flight arrival time

Comfortable Car Pick You UP

How to go to Tokyo Station


Firstly, trains are served by 2 different companies: Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Line. Both trains take about half an hour to get to Tokyo Station, so either is OK. Tokyo Monorial is better for heading to Tokyo Station and Asakusa. And Keikyu Line is acceptable for heading to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yokohama, etc.

Tokyo Monorail

  1. First Train: 5:17 (everyday)
  2. Last Train: 00:10 (everyday)
  3. How long: 19 min (Tokyo Monorail) + 6 min(JR Yamanote Line)
  4. How much: JPY650
  5. Change trains at Hamamatsucho Station to JR Yamanote Line (Platfrom No.2)

Keikyu Line

  1. First Train: 5:26 (everyday)
  2. Last Train: 00:23 (weekdays)/00:02 (weekends and holidays)
  3. How long: 13~20 mins (Keikyu Line) + 11 min (JR Yamanote Line)
  4. How much: JPY580
  5. Change trains at Shinagawa Station to JR Yamanote Line(Platform No.1)


You can go to a variety of places by bus such as Tokyo, Shinjuku, Odaiba, Tokyo Disney Resort, Yokohama, Mt.Fuji, etc. For who visit Japan for the first time, buses are recommendable. It’s less complicated than trains.

The ticket counter is located on the 2nd floor which is the arrival lobby.


Bus Termial

  1. Platform No.1/No.3 (Overnight 1:05 and 2:00)
  2. First Bus: 8:10
  3. Last Bus: 2:00 (next day)
  4. How long: 30min-45min
  5. How much: JPY930/JPY1860(Overnight 1:05 and 2:00)

The Narita Express and N’EX Tokyo

narita to tokyo
Photo by Daniel Mennerich used under CC

Introduced in March 2015, the N’EX Tokyo Round-Trip ticket provides round-trip travel from Narita to Tokyo and back for ¥4,000 for adults and ¥2,000 for children. The ticket will get you as far as Kurihama in Kanagawa Prefecture and Omiya in Saitama, which is extraordinarily good value. It’s only available at Narita Airport to foreign passport holders (you don’t need a tourist visa) and has a validity period of 14 days.

N’EX trains leave from Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station every 25-40 minutes or so, and stop at Narita Airport Terminal 2|3 Station on their way out. You can check the departure timetable here. All N’EX trains go to Tokyo, but if your destination is Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro or another station further afield, you’ll need to check which N’EX trains will take you there (otherwise you’ll have to transfer). The timetable shows you the exact time N’EX pulls into the station; if there’s no time listed, it doesn’t stop there.

Even if you can’t take advantage of some special ticket or pass, the Narita Express is still the most trouble-free way of getting to the main JR stations in Tokyo, as you don’t have to fight for a seat, there’s space for luggage and there’s no need to change trains. The regular price isn’t cheap though; it costs ¥3,190 each way. You can buy tickets at the JR station at Narita Airport. Also if you plan on traveling beyond Tokyo the same day, then you can use a JR pass (see below).

JR Pass

Given that it doesn’t cost that much to get into Tokyo, you should think very carefully before you activate your JR Pass—especially if you plan to spend the first few days of your trip in Tokyo. You might want to choose another option to get into Tokyo, and then activate the pass when you embark on a longer inter-city trip.

The Sky Access Express and Skyliner

Slightly more expensive than the regular Keisei train is the “Sky Access Express” (not to be confused with the Skyliner), which actually offers better access to central Tokyo than the Skyliner because it dives into the Toei Asakusa Subway Line instead of arriving at the relatively inconvenient Nishi Nippori or Ueno stations. You’ll pay an extra ¥190 over the regular train, so the trip from Narita to Asakusa will cost you ¥1,290 and take about 58 minutes, and (¥1,330 and around 83 minutes to Shinagawa).

The snazzy Skyliner offers the speediest travel time—just 36 minutes to Nippori or 41 to Ueno—and it will cost you ¥2,470 each way if you purchase a ticket online before coming to Japan). This is the same company that runs the Tokyo Shuttle—so they also offer some discount tickets for the subway.

Again, we recommend looking at our dedicated guide to taking Keisei trains (regular, Access Express or Skyliner) from Narita to Tokyo—it’s chock-full of useful info and discount hacks.

Keisei Skyliner

The Skyliner. | Photo by Wei-Te Wong used under CC

Bus from Narita to Tokyo

narita to tokyo
Limousine Bus lineup | Photo by Rob Young used under CC

Limousine Bus: Although the convenience of not having to cart your luggage around is great, the Limousine Bus service (the buses are, in fact, the least limousine-like wheeled transport you are likely to take) to major hotels all over Tokyo at around ¥3,100 each way (and ¥4,500 for a return ticket) is definitely not the cheapest option.

Tokyo Shuttle: Considerably cheaper is the Tokyo Shuttle. The bus costs only ¥900 with a reservation (and ¥1,000 cash without a reservation) and runs to the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station, from where you can easily jump on the subway or various JR Lines. The service does have a few small conditions—you can catch it at any time of day without a booking from Narita Airport (buses leave every 20 mins!) for the advertised ¥900. However, when returning to Narita Airport from Tokyo, without a reservation, it will cost you ¥2,000 for early morning and late-night buses. Early morning buses are any that depart before 6 am. Note that unlike Limousine Buses, the first Tokyo Shuttle leaves Tokyo Station at 1:30 am—which means you can catch those ridiculously early flights out of Narita. As an added bonus, you can pick up a 1-day Tokyo Metro pass for ¥600—a ¥110 saving on the regular price. You still have to take about four regular trips on the subway to make it worthwhile, which could be quite ambitious after a long-haul flight!

The Access Narita: Another cheap bus option from Narita Airport is The Access Narita, which will drop you off at either Tokyo Station for quick access to JR Lines, or Ginza Station so you can jump on the subway. The one-way journey is only ¥1,000 for adults and ¥500 for kids. The Access Narita claims to be easier to use than the Tokyo Shuttle because you only have to line up at their bus stop rather than buy paper tickets at a counter. Its busses do look rather nice and they also have toilets, which might come in handy after a long flight.